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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dinners Week of 04/05 - Passover!

With Passover and MZ's Spring Break, this week was weird. We sent MZ to Mana & Papa's so we could front-load the week. It was like the pre-MZ days, staggering in at 9 pm to take-out Chinese food. And then three nights of serious cooking.

o Sunday: Thai food out with Friends

o Monday: Chinese take out won ton soup

o Tuesday: Turkey Fajitas
So easy, so good: Sauteed 2 red peppers, added 2 red onions, then sliced turkey cutlets, Penzey's SW seasoning, juice of one lime, 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, on the table in 30 minutes.

o Wednesday: First Night Seder with Friends

o Thursday: Second Night Seder at Emanu-el

o Friday: My Special Passover Lambshanks + Brown Rice + Steamed Broccoli

o Saturday: Big Family Seder at Our House

o Sunday: Easter Dinner at Mana & Papa's

Passover Matzoh Balls
My recipe for easy, foolproof and completely delicious matzoh balls:
1 package Manischewitz matzo ball mix
2 T schmaltz
1 T finely chopped green garlic
1 T finely chopped chervil
1 pot-sized piece parchment paper

Prepare matzoh balls according to directions on box, substituing schmaltz for vegetable oil, and adding herbs. Refrigerate 1 hour before shaping into small balls slightly smaller than a golf ball. Do not be afraid to handle them, really shape them into tight balls. Bring water to a boil (do not salt!) and add matzoh balls as fast as possible. Cover pot with parchment paper, cover quickly with lid. Turn down heat and follow package instructions. Taste, if they're ready, remove them from the water as fast as possible or they'll start to sink. Enjoy with homemade chicken soup!

Prepare matzoh balls according to recipe

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