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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random finds that MZ will eat

I made all MZ's food when we were first feeding her solids, and she liked everything. We even got to the point where she would eat whatever we were eating, simply ground up in a portable food mill.

But now that MZ's a self-feeder, it's become a challenge to get food in her. Her try-anything attitude seemed to have shut down, she gave up most meat and cheese, and now I find I feed her a lot more prepared food than I ever intended. It's hard not to try anything when left to her own devices she'd go through the day on nothing but grapes, peas and blueberries. I read labels more than I used to, and I'm stunned by the amount of sodium and sugar in prepared foods, even those designed for kids. Why does yo-baby have added sugar? Why is there so much sodium in Annie's Mac'n'Cheese? Don't even get me started on the horror that is Lunchables... and most of these don't have any real flavor.

But I've found a few items that I feel pretty good about, and that make life a lot easier:
-Hodo Soy tofu omelette and tofu jerky, found at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market
-Tofu Pups, the lowest sodium of the tofu dogs, available at grocery stores that carry soy products, including Whole Foods
-Trader Joe's spinach nuggets, located in the refrigerator case near the cheese
-Trader Joe's baked tofu -- the Thai flavor has the least sodium
-Trader Joe's organic hummus
-Just Tomatoes freeze-dried fruits
-Annie's whole wheat cheddar bunnies
-Earth's Best fortified Crunchin' Crackers
-Sukhi's spiced naan (heated in a dry nonstick pan, this makes great cheese toast)
-East & West Foods spinach bolani and lentil curry, available at the Alemany Farmers' Market

Unfortunately, many of these are impossible to find outside the immediate Bay Area. What works for your kid?


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