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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Petrale Sole with Cumin Tomato Sauce

It's hard to come up with stuff to cook all the time, so I'm starting a log here of what we eat in the hopes I can bring more favorites into regular rotation and learn from what didn't work as well. Logs won't include recipes, but those will still appear when I make something up that I want to cook again.

The Petrale Sole was excellent, fresh tasting and not at all muddy. I cooked it per the Cook's Illustrated Best Recipe suggestions, but used some matzo meal and oregano in the flour, and topped with a tomato sauce simmered with sauteed shallots, toasted cumin seeds and smoked paprika. The sauce was tasty and lighter than the recommended brown butter, but the match was not perfect. However, the fish came out with a lovely golden crust, and not at all greasy. Next time go for a lemon caper sauce...

Steamed Broccoli was a nice accompaniment, whole wheat couscous was perfect with the sauce. Dinner came together in 30 minutes.



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